Anatomy of a Private Yoga Session: Initial Evaluation, Follow-up, Goal Setting and Record Keeping

A private yoga session is not a yoga class for one student. It is a very different entity with its own structure and rules, and it requires a different set of teaching skills. This course will sharpen your skills of working with students one-on-one to meet your student’s needs and achieve better outcomes. We will cover every stage of working with a private yoga client—from initial contact to designing an individualized yoga program for her unique situation—and zoom in on:

  • What to discuss at initial contact with a potential new yoga client,
  • Which elements should every effective one-on-one consultation include,
  • What questions to ask and which information to record,
  • How to decide on a course of action,
  • How to implement your plan.

This course will help you

  • Structure an effective private yoga session
  • Set appropriate goals for your clients
  • Use relevant yoga resources in your work
  • Keep good records of your sessions
  • Evaluate your client’s progress
  • Empower your student


At the end of each chapter you will complete a short assignment to apply those lessons to your life right away. At the end of the course you will complete a final project and submit it for a review by your teacher. This final project will help you get better at structuring your private yoga sessions, setting goals for your clients and organizing your records.

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